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What is the cost for my Group /Department /Association?

myINTERACT has been designed as an overall Industry solution benefiting all major industry stakeholders, and ultimately help improve patient outcomes.

For Public Hospital Departments and not-for-profit doctor special interest groups, myINTERACT is provided free of charge.

For associations and events, please contact us to discuss eligibility for free use.

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Why is myINTERACT Free?

myINTERACT has been designed to benefit all healthcare industry stakeholders, and is provided free of charge to public hospital departments, special interest groups and some events.

myINTERACT has a commercial relationship with other Industry stakeholders which ensures it remains free for a large part of the industry.

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Where is my data hosted?

myINTERACT is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is a cloud-based service with data located in Australia.

All data is encrypted both “in motion” and “at rest”.

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Can you setup my department to get us going?

We have a tried and proven on-boarding methodology to have hospital departments up and running efficiently and effectively. This onboarding includes initial setup as well as training to ensure you are able to oversee and manage the platform effectively moving forward.

Please contact us at to get started.

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Will I begin to receive (unwanted) communication from industry?

Each user controls the connections they engage with and the content they receive so myINTERACT always remains a personalised and tailored environment for their specific requirements.

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How do I access the myINTERACT CMS?

The myINTERACT Shared Asset Manager (SAM) is available here:

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I need training, can you help?

Yes. Please contact your account manager directly, or via

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Are administrators the only ones who can upload content?

This is the default setting, however you can assign upload rights to other users.

Please contact us with the users, and which libraries you wish to grant upload rights to, and we are able to assign in the platform.

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