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COVID-19 hub for healthcare professionals

To assist healthcare professionals working under challenging conditions to bring this outbreak to a close, myINTERACT has created a COVID-19 Resource Hub

In unprecedented times, staying on top of updates from credible health authorities is of the utmost importance for healthcare professionals. The sheer number of resources online can be overwhelming and more alarmingly, inconsistent.

myINTERACT is committed to creating efficiencies for healthcare professionals so they can focus on what’s most important. And there has been no greater need for that than right now.

With the guidance of reputable health professionals, INTERACT is providing a dedicated COVID-19 feed which centralises ONLY what’s important to you.

For instructions on how to download & connect to the COVID-19 Hub click here.


If you have any resources or ideas of how we can transform a readily available resource into something interactive and digital let us know

Our Resource Centre & Tools

  • The Bulletin: science-based news articles, medical research papers, and other reputable resources added daily
  • Resource Centre: All key resource hubs centralised in one spot – WHO Situation reports, information on clinical trials, online training facilities, and many more
  • Kindness & Resilience Lab: information on mental health resources, services free for healthcare workers during this time, community forums even positive distractions
  • Dashboards: direct access to real-time dashboards for Australia and globally to stay up to date at all times
  • Tools & calculators: access to tools built by INTERACT such as the Health Worker Risk Assessment tool in which INTERACT digitised a static form from the World Health Organization website. Links to existing, externally-built calculators also provisioned
  • Much more, and always tailored to the feedback of our users

For instructions on how to download & connect to the COVID-19 Hub click here.

Converting static forms into digital tools

Transformed a World Health Organization Health Worker Risk Assessment form into a digital tool.

This tool is available on the myINTERACT app or on our website.

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