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What is it?
myINTERACT is a mobile platform of engagement uniquely tailored to the healthcare industry. It allows businesses to build a network and securely engage with the key stakeholders in your industry – including your staff, distributors, agencies, influencers, and customers. The wide variety of file types available creates opportunities for cost effective, interactive, and versatile interactions.

Why do you need it?
myINTERACT helps you engage your audience. It helps you when presenting one-on-one, and in “pocket casting” with your key stakeholders, with whom you have a secure, private connection. Don’t mess this communication up, because these people trust you, and they are extremely important to your business.

How does it work?
There are 3 key ways in which you can add someone to your myINTERACT connections.

  • Through our Shared Asset Manager (SAM)
    You can send updates, forms, surveys, video, 3D models, presentations (almost whatever) quickly to large audiences from your browser.
  • QR code or Passcode.
    Quick and impressive ways to securely share information.

All of these methods bring you data points, which you can then track to monitor the effectiveness of your medical and sales & marketing communication.

An introduction to myINTERACT

More about myINTERACT

myINTERACT was designed from the ground up to integrate the most compelling content types. With myINTERACT, when you ‘invite’ individual users to connect, you assign them to content groups. You can then engage your audiences with relevant and compelling content.
myINTERACT also enables you to centralise your assets and stay in control. You can set which groups see what assets. You maintain version control, and can easily make urgent revisions, knowing you only have to change one file in one place and everyone who needs it – has it. Existing systems and content can easily be integrated – bringing new, existing, and legacy systems all into one place.