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A simple but effective tool that uses formulae to make repetitive tasks easy. Convert complex spreadsheets to HTML for accessibility on mobile devices. Calculators and graphing apps have broad applications in medical, finance, and general sales enablement – e.g. retirement income / superannuation calculator and instant graphs.
INTERACT Technology can convert Excel spreadsheets into a powerful calculator for you and your team!

Also used for ROI calculators, wealth calculators, dosing calculators or as a tool for sales representatives to enter values on either performance or requirements to provide immediate status on their incentive position. Could be used with customers or other similar applications.


  • Complex calculations easily accessed on mobile devices
  • Intuitive UI like sliders or +/- buttons


  • Easier to use than spreadsheets

Case Study
A pharma company converted existing incentive calculator spreadsheets to interactive digital calculators. This was very easy to use by moving sliders to calculate the yearly and monthly incentive.

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