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Medical Organisations

Increase revenue. Grow and retain members

  • Increase revenue through new digital opportunities including virtual trade exhibitions
  • Grow and retain membership by enhancing communication and engagement

Increase revenue through new digital opportunities

  • Establish an exclusive partnership with myINTERACT in your region and specialty area
  • Implement a strategy in days not weeks that is scaleable, adaptive and responsive
  • Maintain and grow exhibition sponsorship with a physical or virtual exhibition hall
  • Generate new and ongoing revenue through trail commissions
Increase communication and awareness
  • Trackable updates and alerts via the notification centre, newsletter and front page feed
  • Improve access: One login, one platform to centralise and simplify access to member and industry websites, apps and content available offline
  • Enhance engagement through a range of customisable built-in features and virtual events
  • Personalise user experience: Intuitive, simple and appealing to use, members control who they connect with and the content they access